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Many of you might not be aware that there is lot of cricket in Japan specially in Tokyo. Lot of tournaments and leagues also.

Japan Cricket Association (JCL) organize lot of domestic and international league and tournaments. Few of main leagues are

  • Japan Premier League
  • Japan Cricket League – Division 1, 2
  • Japan Cup
  • Japan Women’s League
  • Japan University League
  • Japan U19 Cricket League
  • Japan U15 Cricket League
  • Lot of others

Being a cricket fan, it was really great to know about lot of cricket clubs in Tokyo. I joined one of the biggest Cricket Club in Japan (TCC) in end of 2015.  TCC-Tigers Cricket Club  formed on the 11th Day of August 2007, TCC aims at building a friendly social atmosphere whilst playing enjoyable yet competitive cricket and above all winning.

TCC offers an very transparent opportunity for all members. It’s not just playing cricket but also make it like family.

Every year, TCC organizes the biggest and most successful tennis ball tournament called SBI CUP which attract lot of audience and cricket lovers.

I am pleased to be a part of this club and continuously enjoying the cricket in Japan. There are lot to write about cricket here, so stay tuned……

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