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When you are in Japan and get a chance to participate in the great cricket tournament, that cannot express your feeling. Playing is enough and then you keep that memory with you. Our journey in SBI Cricket Cup, 2017 is something special for us and encouraged me to write it down here.

SBI Cricket Cup, Sano Japan 2017 is 6th inter corporate cricket tournament organized by Tigers Cricket Club in association with Japan Cricket Association.

One of the biggest tennis ball cricket tournament in Japan. We participated in SBI Cricket Cup, Sano Japan 2017 as NEC Team.

This is the first time we build the corporate Team in Japan and first time participation at such a big level. Around 28 teams participating in this 2-day event.

We started with arranging playing 11. This is not just NEC but mix with our old friends and other company players also from Rakuten, Toshiba etc. It was not easy to arrange 11 players who can spend their valuable 2 days at Sano with travelling ~2.5 hours one side from Tokyo. But Finally, we managed to arrange the playing 11 🙂 with Dharm joining our team who has not much interest in Cricket but really care about the team and travel along way to Sano.

We did not have a good start and lost first match by the Big margin. But after that, we returned back with a strong performance but did not qualify for the golden league (top 8 teams) but starting the Silver league the next day.

With a great performance by Team and especially by our start Vishnu, we qualified for the Silver League final. It was Rakuten vs NEC.

Here the moment come, we need 10 runs on 2 balls and having Kamal on strike with one eye injured. Everyone was a little disappointed and almost lost the hope to win the final. First ball is hit with 6 on leg side. and with that 6 whole team were chearuing and full of joy. I was standing and thinking, it is good that the team is enjoying the last moment even it is still not easy to win the match. 

A lot of audience from Golden league and all organizer started gathering to watch this match. It was full of tension and everyone was hoping for magic.

Last ball of the match, 4 runs required to win the trophy. Kamal again on strike with one eye working. He hit the best shot of the tournament, ball in the air on long on, the fielder was going toward boundary line and it might have been caught. Everyone were holding their breath. And you cannot believe it went out of boundary and it was 6.

What ? it is 6 and we won the final. 2 sixes on last 2 balls of final match and Kamal did it. Everyone was shocked and much pleased to see such a fantastic final. The best final I have experienced till my long career of cricket and sure it was for many of us. We were cheering on the ground and holding Kamal in air :).



Last but not least, it was great to part of Organizer Tiger Cricket Club and Tigers hosted another great tournament with quality stuff.

This was the moment when our team started building.  The team was much existed to have other tournament and especially next SBI Cup, 2018.

Stay tuned for updates on SBI Cup 2018.





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