OSS Development Team in a Company

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Recently, Open Source Software becomes more important, and IT companies need
to hire OSS developers and build a development team based on their strategies.
However, the way of OSS development is different from the one of proprietary
software development and sometimes it is difficult to build/manage a development
team in companies.

We are working for OpenStack development as community members, and our team
consists of ten developers now. We faced many issues when joining OpenStack
community, and now we are sharing the knowledge which was gotten from such
issues in the team. When a new member joins our team, he/she needs to learn
the knowledge and grows to a good community developer faster.

In this session, I’d like to share the knowledge with you and get feedback for
making better knowledge. This session will help you build OSS team in your
company and join OSS community.


    Slides: OSS Development Team in a Company.pptx

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