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We had great and adventures Rocky PTG in Dublin. It was adventures because of snow storm in Dublin but good things was that PTG continued with full enthusiasm and motivation. That’s the beauty of OpenStackers :). I am writing the QA PTG summary report. We collected the PTG discussion items on this Etherpad.

  Queens Retrospective:

We discussed the Queens Retrospective at start the PTG. We went through 1. what went well and 2. what needs to improve and gather some concrete action items.

There were few things which we will start in Rocky to help Tempest plugins. I will start some etherpads or ML to tell whats particular Tempest plugin can be implement their tests in better  way. Some best practice or use of stable interfaces etc.

Details on Etherpad

  Zuul v3 native jobs :

andreaf explained about the devstack and tempest base jobs and migration of jobs. That was really helpful and good learning sessions. Basic idea to finish the devstack and tempest base jobs to make them available for projects specific jobs.

We decided to have only 2 devstack base jobs, 1. base abstract job 2. base job for single and multinode jobs. Inherited jobs can adjust single and multinode setup with nodeset var.

Further, andreaf to merge current hierarchy of devstack jobs to make a single job for single node and multinode jobs.

Details on Etherpad

  Cold upgrades capabilities (Rocky community goal):

This is not Rocky goal now but we did talk on this little bit. We discussed about preparation for grenade plugins developments. Masayuki will check whether we have enough documentation and process written for implementing the plugins.

As first step, masayukig to check the current documentation about grenade plugins whether it is enough for projects to implement plugins.

Details on Etherpad

  Interop test for adds-on project:

This was one of the long pending items and one of the most hot topic with no final agreement on any of the available options.  On wed, we discussed on interop adds-on project test location in QA sessions with interop, TC, Designate team etc and agreed to host those tests in Tempest repo.  But it seems discussion on same topic happened again in TC room on Friday and it seems direction and solution is different than what we agreed in QA sessions.

Anyways we are discussion it further on ML and gerrit.

Details on Etherpad

  Remove Deprecated APIs tests from Tempest:

We talked about the testing of Deprecated APIs in tempest and on stable branches. We concluded to tests all Deprecated APIs on master as well on all stable branch. Till they are being removed we should tests APIs even they are in any state. There are few APIs like glance v1 and keystone admin v2 which are being skipped now So we are going to enable these APIs tests on each corresponding stable and master branch.

Volume APIs testing will be little different way. We will tests v3 as default in all jobs with all existing tests. v2 APIs will be tested with new job running all current tests with v2 endpoints on tempest and cinder CI.

Few things will be on my side to make all glance v2 tests to run on all job,  to make keystone v2 admin tests in all jobs and to make volume tests testing v3 as default and setup  v2 new job on tempest and cinder

Details on Etherpad

  Backlogs from Queens Cycle:

We went through the backlogs items of queens release which we discussed in Denver PTG but did not completed.

We picked up the items which we still wanted to do but need volunteers to take those items. I will publish those items to ML and find out some volunteer if I can. If anyone interested in taking those items, feel free to contact me.

Details on Etherpad

  Consuming Kolla tempest container source image in CI:

The tempest kolla image contains tempest as well as container. We can use that to tests image and process of creating the image.

For that we can add a job on tempest and kolla CI to use of kolla Tempest image and run few or more tempest test.

chandankumar will add job in tempest as non-voting with creating the image dynamicaly with current proposed patches using kolla-ansible which will run tempest tests or check sanity things only for tempest plugin

He will also add  the same job on kolla CI but with precreated image.

Details on Etherpad


We talked about QA SIG and further steps on this. QA SIG is not meant to replace the QA Program. It is meant for OpenStack users, operators – including other communities interested in OpenStack / cross-community testing.

Our next step is to get more feedback from various stack holders and start the wiki page and governance proposal patch.

Next steps will be to reach out to all stackholder and community to get the initial feedback. Then we will start the meeting to have concrete action items.

Details on Etherpad

  Future of OpenStack-Health:

OpenStack health is a still useful tool/dashboard to understand the status of upstream development and useful for downstream development too. We discussed about issues and challenges in health dashboard.

– Graph library is hard to be created and modified without (deep) Javascript knowledge

– Diffifcult to keep npm libraries updates

– lack of number of developers

masayukig and mtreinish and other developers keep working on current working items. If anyone would like to work on openstack-health dashboard then, we will be more happy and blessed.

Details on Etherpad

  QA Rocky Priority:

In the last, we discussed the priority items for Rocky and listed the items and owner of each items in below etherpads. Zuulv3 jobs are main priority for QA team along with Bug Triage, Deprecated API testing, interop adds-on program testing etc.

We will be tracking each item weekly and try to keep the good progress on these.

Details on Etherpad

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