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OpenStack 3rd PTG @Dublin was held from Feb 26th – Mar 2nd, 2018 for discussion of Rocky development cycle. I reached on 25th night @11 PM and join next day morning with jet lag :). It was very productive meetup and first one as QA PTL which include extra responsibility of scheduling the sessions.

First 2 days were QA help hours with few times on First Contact SIG etc and next 3 days were dedicated to project wise Rokcy cycle development items discussions.

 QA/Infra Help Hours:

We Started the QA help hours with open topic. This time too not much people attended and ask for help :).

But we had few discussion zuulv3 job migration and interaction with infra team also.

     zuulv3 Job Template vs irrelevant_files-

First discussion was with corvus (James E. Blair ) on zuulv3 Job template vs irrelevant-files. Currently if irrelevant_files are defined in job template like ‘integrated-gate’ and project’s pipeline list also define the different set of files in irrelevant_files for same job then, it would not work as expected. Same issue with branch var also.

Jim explained the zuulv3 job merging workflow and that helped a lot. But no best solution to solve that problem yet.

Details and further discussion is here

     Tempest Plugin, May we Assist you-

Later on Tuesday, we had Tempest plugin help hours and this time too nobody shown up there. Many tempest plugins owner complain about Tempest interface change and plugins issues but never show up in help hours. But any ways I am going to do poll approach here then push. I will be grep-ing through each tempest plugins and set a common place to show the best practice and interface to use.

 FirstContact SIG:

After lunch I attended the FirstContact SIG where kendall explained about summary and discussion on contributor portal, mission statement etc. We decided to have weekly meeting on every Wed at 08:00 UTC where we will collect report data about new contributors from gerrit, etc.

We really looking for more project liaison for this SIG, I have added my name for QA and Nova in UTC+9 TZ. Multiple people for single project covering different TZ is great. If you are upstream developer then, hurry up and help your project by having new contributors by singing as Project Liaison.

Details on Etherpad.


We had discussion over one of our NFV PoC we are doing in NEC. We have been trying to deploy telecom app using Tacker and Cloudify on OpenStack sites with integration of multiple other OpenStack.

In this PoC we are trying to achieve the automatic fault management and we used Doctor architecture for this. We selected 3 component to achieve that Tacker + Congress + Monasca.

Monasca will be sending the monitored data to Congress with notification web hook by using the Congress push driver. Congress needs to implement new push driver for Monasca. Further Congress will create policy based on data received from Monasca and perform Tacker action to handle the fault.

Idea was good from all stack-holder in the room and Congress, Monasca team was happy to see this PoC at upstream. We will next proceed to move this PoC to uptsream and share the PoC design and results reports too.

Details on Etherpad.

 QA Rocky discussion:

Wednesday was full day discussing the QA topic. I wrote summary for all topics we discussed there- QA PTG Summary

We had QA dinner on Wed night @Fagan Pub

On Thursday first half, we talked about QA SIG and then set the Rocky priority for QA team. You can see the priority on this  ethperpads.

After Lunch, it was Snow Storm in Dublin and PTG venue got shutdown too. All developers shifted to Croke park hotel to continue the PTG. I had cold due to bad whether and went to my hotel and rest for the day. I missed the fun though at Croke park hotel :).


This is Nova day for me which I wanted to attend more and more but could not do due to other projects sessions. We discussed more on Tech debt on few topic and Misc topics.

nova-network is going to be remove in Rocky. There are few API which are nova-network only which can be either 401 or delete endpoints but not decided yet.

I had topic of Nova API policy to make more granular and idea is accepted overall. I will add more details and discuss with John on best strategy not to break current operator.

Few more things on API side like create_backup rotation and way to cleanup all backups in one call.


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