Recap of Open Infrastructure Summit & PTG, Shanghai 2019

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Open Infrastructure Summit, Shanghai 2019

Open Infrastructure Summit followed by OpenStack PTG was held in Shanghai, China: 4th Nov 2019 till 8th Nov 2019. The first 3 days were for Summit which is market event including Forum sessions and the last 3 days for Project Team Gathering (PTG) with one day overlap.

I arrived in Shanghai on 1st Nov to participate in pre-summit events like Upstream Training and Board of Directors meeting.

    Upstream Institute Training Shanghai:

Like other Summits, Upstream training was held in Shanghai for 1.5 days. The second half on 2nd Nov and a full day on 3rd Nov. Thanks to Lenovo and Jay to sponsor the training this time too.


The first day was 9 mentors and ~20 students. The first day covered the introduction, registration and governance part including VM image setup etc. Students were from different countries, for example South Korea, India and of course China. Two developers from South Korea were interested in Swift contribution. They later joined the Swift PTG and interacted with the team.  One developer from India is doing cloud testing of their baremetal nodes via QA tooling. I had further discussion with him in QA PTG. I am happy to get this kind of interaction in every training and useful to get them onboard in Upstream activities.

The second day was fewer mentors and more students. I and few more mentors could not participate in Training due to the Joint leadership meeting.

    Ussuri cycle community-wide goals discussion:

Three goals were discussed in detail and how to proceed with each of them. Etherpad.

    Drop Python 2.7 Support:

Ussuri is time to drop the python 2 support from OpenStack. Plan and schedule were already discussed during TC office hour and on ML.  This was agreed to make community-wide goal. We discussed keeping the CI/CD support for Swift which is the only project keeping the py2 support. Swift needs the devstack to keep installing on py2 env with the rest of the services on py3 (same as old jobs when Swift was on py2 by default on devstack). There is no oslo dependency from swift and all the other dependency will be capped for py2 version. Requirements check job currently checks that if openstack/requirements list two entries for a requirement. smcginnis patch to change the requirement check is already merged. Everything else will go as discussed in ML. The work on this already started and patches for all the services are up for review now.

    Project Specific New Contributor & PTL Docs

As per feedback in Forum sessions, this is a good goal which will make documentation more consistent. All the projects should edit their contributor.rst to follow a more complete template and adjust/add PTL documentation. This is accepted as a pre-approved as Ussuri goal. Kim Hindhart is working on getting EU funding for people to work on OpenStack and they like consistent documentation.

    Switch remaining legacy jobs to Zuul v3 and drop legacy support

Many projects are still not ready for this goal. Grenade job is not yet on zuulv3 which is required to finish first. Few projects waiting for big projects finishing the zuulv3 migration first. This needs more work and can be a “pre-approved” thing for V, and this would be split to focus on the Grenade work in U. We will continue to review the proposed goal and pre-work etc.

Other than above 3 goals, there were few more ideas for goal candidate and good to go in goal backlogs etherpad:
– cdent: stop using paste, pastedeploy and WSME
Note from Chris: This does not need to be a community goal as such but requires the common solution from TC WSME is still used, has contributions, and at least a core or two

– cmurphy: Consistent and secure default policies. As per the forum discussion this is going with pop-up team first.

– support matrix documentation to be consistent across projects. going with pop-up team (fungi can propose the pop-up team in governance) first Richard Pioso (rpioso) to help fungi on this once consistent framework is identified, the pop-up team can expire with the approval of a related cycle goal for implementing it across remaining projects

    OpenStack QA PTG & Forum Sessions Summary:

I wrote a separate blog to summarize the QA discussions that happened in Forum or PTG.

    Nova API Policies defaults:


Nova planned to implement the default policy refresh by adopting the system scope and new default roles available in keystone. This was planned for the Train cycle when spec was merged but could not start the implementation. Nova Spec is already merged for Ussuri cycle. The main challenge to do this work is how to complete this in a single cycle so that users upgrade would not impact more than once. We discussed various options like a flag to suppress the deprecation warning or new policy enforcement. Getting all review up and hold the procedural hold on the first patch and later we merge all of them together. Doing the code up after first set merge and more active review will be required for this. Keystone team will help in reviewing the changes. I am very positive to complete this in Ussuri cycle.

    Technical Committee:

Friday was the full day for Technical Committee discussions. It was started with fun when JP collected the number of TC interested per topic and least interested topic to be discussed first :). He did a good job in organizing the discussion with time-based checks.   I am summarizing the few of the Topic below:

    Select U release goals:

This session was to selected the Ussuri goal. Ussuri cycle is already started so we have to finalize the goal asap. We agreed to proceed with below two goals for the Ussuri cyle.

1. Drop Python 2.7 Support – Already Accepted.
2. Project Specific New Contributor & PTL Docs – Under Review

Goal “Switch remaining legacy jobs to Zuul v3 and drop legacy support” will be pre-selected for V cycle, that does not mean to stop the review on the proposed goal or any ongoing work. All ongoing efforts will continue on this.

    Structurize the goal select schedule

After Summit and PTG event is merged we did not do well on community-wide goal selection. It was late in Train cycle also and so is for Ussuri.  Rico and I discussed about having the schedule for goal selection in TC. The main goal is to finalize the cycle community-wide goal before cycle start. This etherpad had the drafted schedule which all TC member agreed on. The first cycle to enforce this schedule will be challenging but let’s see how it will go. I will propose the schedule into TC documents soon.

    Python 2 drop current progress and next steps: 

During PTG, many projects discussed their plan to drop the python2 support. Cinder decided that we are going to just remove py2 compatibility and then do changes to backports in the cases that we need to for py27. Glance has greater challenges around WSGI. Other projects are almost good to go on this. Devstack also defaults to py3 now.

    Release naming convention:

This was again non-fun discussion. Fortunately, we concluded this. The agreement is that any community member can propose the name and TC will finally select the final one.

Few more topics were discussed in PTG which can be found in this Etherpad or ML.

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