Demonstrate the Efficient Strategy to Backup OpenStack Resources

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OpenStack Summit Boston, 2017,

   Hynes Convention Center – Level Three – MR 304/306, Mon 83:40pm – 4:20pm

Backup the OpenStack is always a big and open challenge for operator or admin. If we do not have good solution then it is very painful and time consuming. One of the key goal of operators is to keep taking Cloud backup and make sure about user data and usability.

Very first and important question to achieve this goal is “Hey! What Backup Solution we can use?”

Based on some PoC and feasibility tests on different backup solution, we fetched some of the interesting results. This will definitely help audience to find out answer to their open question about backup solution.

In this talk we will present our experience in backup area with all possible solution currently we have in market. Also we would like to talk about key features which must be included in those solution.


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