OpenStack QA Project- Roles & Its Key Activities

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OpenStack has grown bigger, lot of changes or new feature gets released in every release cycle. First question comes in mind is that “Who maintain the stability of new or existing feature/ changes happening between releases?” Answer is OpenStack QA Project. It ensures the upstream stability and quality of OpenStack. Every change has to pass the necessary QA tests before they get merged in upstream. OpenStack QA project consists of five actual projects (Tempest, Tempest-lib, Grenade, DevStack, and Hacking). Each one has its own roles and responsibility. In this talk we will talk about what are the Roles and Key Activities of each QA project. This talk will let Audience to have better understanding of each QA project, their exact Roles and ongoing activities.


    Slides:  OpenStack_QA-Roles_&_Its_Key_Activities.pptx

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