Lookup NEXT to Design BEST RESTful API for Cloud

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OpenStack Summit Sydney, 2017,

  Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre – Level 3 Convention Center – C3.4/C3.5, 

  Tue 711:40am – 12:20pm

API Gateway is a way to connect your Cloud with real world users. Best the APIs a Cloud has, increase their chance to compete in market. From APIs, users get first impression about any software. Public APIs are forever things, we cannot or should not change once they are out in world.

Considering all these points and lot more, I would like to start this talk to explain why APIs are important for Cloud.

Now question comes how to provide best APIs. RESTful is the first answer and how to get BEST RESTful with all available design consideration and tools. What % of user consider RESTfull APIs? What are the key factor in APIs users/operator/developers mostly consider? All these question are very common and help every Cloud to provide BEST RESTful APIs.

This Talk will explain all those points and answers and I would like to cover advance tools and design consideration for RESTful APIs. I will also provide a glance to some survey about RESTful APIs and its important factors.



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