Upstream CI/CD Tools for Your Production Clouds

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OpenStack Summit, Austin, 2016,

    Austin Convention Center – Level 1 – Ballroom A, Wed 273:30pm – 4:10pm

OpenStack QA/Infra projects contain many testing/debugging tools for OpenStack development. These tools are designed/developed for upstream development mainly, but we can use them for production clouds also. For example, Tempest(Integration test suite) is maintained for production clouds also, and we can continueusing the same Tempest for multiple OpenStack versions(like Kilo, Liberty, latest). In addition, we are using openstack-health dashboard for knowing test success/failure situation and Kibana for debugging.If using these tools efficiently, you can verify your production clouds when deploying, upgrading and switching.

However, it is difficult to use these tools for production clouds because the numbers of tools’ configuration options arehuge(e.g. 300+ options in Tempest) and the default values of these options are optimized for the upstream development.

In this session, we’d like to talk about how to use these tools for production clouds.


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